Spring Water


  • Two products 375 ml and 750 ml Glass High End (Picture of the spring with the bottles)
  • The source of our spring water is a natural aquifer in Northern Newfoundland on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. The source water flows through a 488 million year old geological formation comprised of Ordovician sedimentary rock, located in pristine boreal forest. The forest ecosystem that overlies the formation has remained untouched by human activities and as a result is a rare source of pure and pristine spring water.
  • The annual extraction is sustainable and has no environmental impacts. All appropriate security measures have been allocated to ensure no contamination of the source.
  • Our Spring Water Products are directly from mother earth to you. The spring from which the water is extracted is a rare pure and untouched source. If you desire a pure source of spring water for your infant, child, elderly mother or ailing loved ones you can now can make the healthiest choice. Drink water from this 488 million year old aquifer untouched by man contamination.

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