Iceberg Water


  • Two products 375 ml and 750 ml Glass High End
  • MBW’s ice products originated 15,000 years ago as pure driven snow, falling primarily on the mountains and uplands of Greenland. As the snow accumulated, it was compacted by its own weight and formed thick sheets of freshwater ice, forming glaciers. Layers and layers of ice formed a protective cover to shield the ice from exposure to the modern environment and the pollution that has contaminated much of the earth. The tremendous weight of the ice causes these sheets to slowly flow toward the coast where they broke into large chunks and floated out to sea as icebergs. Two to three years later, after being driven along by ocean currents, winds and tides, the icebergs arrive in northern Newfoundland and Labrador. The same forces of nature currents, winds and tides that carried these icebergs south also work to melt and break them into ever smaller chunks and pieces. These smaller mini-bergs and bergie bits are the basis of all of MBW’s iceberg products.
  • Our Iceberg Water Products are directly from mother earth to you. Iceberg water is the only absolutely pure and untouched source of water in the world. If you desire pure sources of water for your infant, child, elderly mother or ailing loved ones you can now can make the healthiest choice. Drink 15,000 year old water untouched by man's contamination.


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