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  • Main Brook Waterworks Inc. (MBW) is a new Canadian corporation.
  • MBW has four products under the product name NaeveTM . These products include; glass bottled spring water and iceberg water featuring a 375 ml and 750 ml bottle. The 4 inaugural products is the first step in a line of environmentally responsible and socially conscious products which will includes beverages for infants and children, health drinks, sports refreshments and easy to handle packaging for the elderly. These products use stand up pouch technology. MBW is also develop markets for iceberg water as an ingredient in health foods, new beverages, medicines and other health related products. Our business represents the way forward in the industry based on the principles of innovation and sustainable development.
  • The bottled water market world wide is expanding exponentially and the demand for premium products from pristine sources is rapidly increasing. Awareness of health and environment issues has increased consumption and created concerns for purity of both source and product. Consumer’s have begun to recognize and differentiate products on the basis of environmentally responsible packaging, product quality, health benefits and the security and purity of the water source.
  • MBW has responded to these concerns through innovative product design. NAEVE products are degradable, reusable and/or recyclable. Our choice of packaging and image is central to our value proposition, we believe that our customers will choose environmentally responsible packaging which has less impact on the environment in its manufacturing and that its production can be rendered carbon neutral with planned carbon off-sets (credits). Carbon credits to offset production will be made through a percentage of sales applied to sustainable development projects and the development of innovative technologies aimed at the reduction of green house gases.
  • Health and environmental benefits is a key to our bottom line and our message: environmentally responsible packaging, pristine natural beauty, ecological sound environment and the secure nature of rural Newfoundland and Labrador.
Please find more info about our CEO here: CEO of Naeve Water
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